“Looking Unto Jesus”

“Looking unto Jesus”……….

Not behind us, at regrets and pasts that haunt us, or make us guilty or ashamed.
Not at mistakes and failures and sins along the way.

Not at “the now”, and all around us, at all the temporal things.
Not at people, no matter whether they’re good or bad.
Not at what it is that others are doing, not at what they’re saying, not what they’re being.

Not at the future, with worry, apprehension, or fear.
Not thinking that we know what’s ahead, what’s down the road.
Not wasting time taking into our hands a future that can be in God’s.

There are enough people already who are too busy looking at something else – when you look behind you, when you look around you, when you look ahead, and even when you look inside of your own self, you will feel drowned in a sea of darkness and purposelessness and no sense.

We have to look, no, not behind us, not around us, not ahead of us- but only up at Him.



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