When You Feel Like You’re Drowning


I’m taking part of this post from an article written by Rita Schulte in a magazine An Encouraging Word:
“You know about those days. Where getting out of bed seems like climbing Mount Everest. You don’t want to face the pain. You don’t want to face your life. Maybe you don’t even want to face yourself.
You try desperately to pull something out of your soul, something that will fill you. Nothing comes. It’s dry. But you’re drowning all the same.
You can drown in two inches of water. But those days, they feel like an ocean’s consumed you. On those days you can’t breathe. You’re in way over your head.
Those days require something more – more than just to breathe. You need something solid. Something you can hold onto. You need to open your arms and feel the presence of something deep surround you.
And you have it. He gave it. He knows what it feel like to drown – in His own blood and water. To gasp for air. To be beaten beyond recognition. He shows you every time you look up. every time you see a cross.
How do you make it on those days? By remembering.”

And I have to insert here that that is it. You have to remember what you know is the truth. You have to remind yourself of all the truths in God’s Word, of all your promises, even though everything in life is screaming the opposite. You have to have faith so you can hold on.

“By inviting someone into the mess. Right into the broken and empty places of your soul.”

We all have pain, we’re all human and are imperfect beings. We all have faults and problems. But God can still work in us! He can still use us as broken as we are!

“You tell the story of your pain. You tell someone – you’re just one step away form drowning – and ask for what you need.
The needing is OK. And one thing is for sure; you need someone to come to your rescue. And someone did. You can feel it every time you put your hand on a nail. The piercing. He knows what it feels like. He took it into His own body. It was about carrying the weight of the world on His nail scarred hands and feet, so that you and I don’t have to.”

We don’t have to have all the misery of sin, and guilt, and depression, because He died to take all those things!

“If you want to make it on those days you have to let the arms of mercy receive you, comfort you, support you, and yes, carry you.
That’s when He pours life into those broken and empty places and fills you.”

So true – God can work the most in us through terrible suffering, if we allow Him to.

“For one more day. You can make it because of what He did. The Father sends the only Son to be broken for your remembering. The remembering is what keeps you from drowning. The remembering is what keeps your heart alive.
The God man says, “It is finished.” Nothing lese is necessary. this love was costly. He did it for you. For all those times when you feel like you’re drowning. For all those thin and worn places in your soul that make you feel so vulnerable. He did it so you would remember.
He did it so that you would know. He did it so that there would never be any doubt in you heart.”

Doubt is a tormentor. You don’t have to have it. When you have been saved, or born again, it can be gone. There can be assurance because it’s about Him – not about you.

“He gave His only Son, so that when you lost something precious, you’d know that He would understand your pain. He did it so that when you felt abandoned, rejected, unloved and all alone, you would remember.
On those days, remember that He loved you to death.”

Absolutely true, absolutely beautiful. I have tears in my eyes.
I know what it’s like to have those drowning days – days where it seems the very things we escaped when we found Jesus have now come back to us. We were never promised that a walk with Jesus would be easy. We were never promised that a walk with Jesus would not sometimes hurt. We were never promised that from now on everything would be perfect and happy and there would be no more struggles and trials. There will be. We’ll have fires and floods to go through as the old hymn says, but the difference is to the child of God:
everything will be ok.
Everything will be ok.
Have faith to hang on even when you feel like you’re drowning – keep going.


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