How do you think of rain, other than as rain?
Whenever it rains I always think of it as all the tears of everybody in the world, there with you in one place.


I had to go outside to grab something because it had started to sprinkle, and by the time I had gotten to the side of the yard by the field I was already soaked.
Since I was thoroughly soaked already, I stopped to look up, and all I saw was raindrops everywhere.
There were so many, and they were so big that they almost made it impossible to see any farther down the road than the field.
It was like a scene from a movie – this big wide open space with just……rain.

I was having a hard time dealing with and understanding pain that day, and right then when I was standing in the rain and seeing all the raindrops coming, coming, coming, and thinking about my hurting, it was like I heard a voice echoing out there out in the field and the grass.

This is what all the tears of all the people in the world being in one place would look like, if they were here with you today.

I thought about all the troubled people in the world.
I thought about all the sad, and bad, and terrible things that people have to feel.
I wondered why people, why so many, have to hurt.
And I was asking God why.
And then I sort of felt the answers softly.

I would never be able to ever understand why people hurt – nobody would ever be able to fully understand, to know this. Only God.
But I realized I was no special case – everybody has pain. It’s all a little different, but it all hurts.
And this is the secret – everybody has to choose how they are going to deal with it when they’re hurt. We all have a choice in what we allow it to do to us.

Then I thought about all the tears of everybody that were with me, around me – I wasn’t alone.
Then I wondered what could come of people’s pain.

I knew what would come of the raindrops –
things were going to grow because of them – flowers, corn, hay.
The rain was going to help someone somewhere find the drink they were longing for.
It was going to make some dry ground and dying grass somewhere once again feel better, and be fresh with life.


The pain and the tears can be just like the rain.
It’s something we can’t really understand, but it’s the way things are.
Just remember, even if you’re hurting and can’t understand how a loving Heavenly Father could allow the pain that’s in your life , or in the world, you’re not alone, and when you have faith to hang on and deal with your pain, then when your time of hurting is over beautiful things can come of it.


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