Because You Prayed

Because you prayed today
I found it was not hard to face the dawn,
Take up again the work I laid away
But yesterday, and shoulder it, and dare
To smile a bit
And find blessing I’d not dreamed was there –
Because you prayed.

Because you prayed for me
I found the strength I needed for my task,
The courage I had lacked before, the faith to see


Beyond my narrow world: new joy for pain
I found, and zeal
To press on forward, strong of heart again,


Because you prayed.

Because you prayed for me
Tonight, I seemed to reach and find your hand


Close by as I had known it would be;
And somehow toil and turmoil needs must cease.
Because you prayed,
It was as though God to our hearts
Had softly whispered “Peace!”

– Gibbs –


When I read this it absolutely touched my heart, and I hope it touched your’s, too.
Can someone say this because WE prayed for them today?
Are we going to reach out our hand into someone’s life, and take their’s by praying for them?

Do you feel alone? Know that you’re prayed for. Whether you’re a dear friend, whether you’ve met me once, or whether I don’t even know you and have never seen you, you’re prayed for.

And thank you to everyone who has made it possible for this poem to be my own – thank you to those of you out there who have been, or are, praying for ME.


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