Living Off The Strength

What happened to the time of strength?
It was solid under our feet, everything was not good, but we were, and we felt strong.

Now instead of strength there is weakness.

Is having a time of weakness a shameful thing? No. There’s nothing wrong with being needy for more of the Lord. That’s just the place He wants us at. Weakness can be a wonderful thing, unless we’re living off the strength.

Are you trying to live off the strength you feel, or the strength you once felt?
Are you doing so well spiritually and every other way, and do you feel so close to God, that you, in feeling so strong and well, have stopped really needing God, every day, every hour every little minute, and are becoming, or have become, self sufficient?


There is a fall being prepared for you for another day.
You will not make it through these falls and times by living off the strength of yesterday.

“Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.”
1 Corinthians 10:12

Don’t try to live off your strength.
You will always be miserable, and it’s not even possible.
We need a new and different strength every day – whether we are right now weak or strong.
We need Him always – we need Jesus for so much more than making us a way of going to heaven when our time of this life is done.
What we need to live off of, is walking with, knowing, loving, and serving Him.
We need Him because He is strength, and when we have Him, we’ll find that by living off of those things, we have all the strength we’ll need.


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