About My Blog And Writing


Welcome is a very special word that means: your coming is pleasing to me / you’re received with gladness / admitted willingly here / free to have or enjoy / it is a kind reception / a salute / grateful.
So, welcome – welcome to my place, my space.
Just a small spot to focus on Jesus, because we need that.

“There be many that say, Who will shew us any good? LORD, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us.”
(Psalm 4:6)

I’ve been writing since I was little – I always loved to write as a little girl.
Stories, and journals – and I loved to read books and think. (Well, I still do!)
But my writing started seriously when I was going through a hard time fall 2012 and I typed an article on my computer.
I wrote about exactly what I was thinking, feeling.
I submitted it, my very first written piece to be submitted, to a Christian ladies quarterly called An Encouraging Word because I felt God had led me in that direction, although I didn’t know what to think would happen.
Three hours after I sent it off via email, the editor emailed me back telling me it was what they had been looking for – it was accepted.
Accepted, when they print one out of every thirty-eight they receive.
I got to see it in print, and published, though humbly edited and shortened, this summer 2013.

I started this blog after that, at the encouragement of the many dear people who told me to keep writing –
to keep sharing with the world.
God started putting it on my heart to simply share, to share and love through praying, talking, and writing.
And even though so many times I have been depressed and discouraged at my own failures, and mistakes, and problems, and searchings, when I’ve seen what He’s done when I have, I haven’t stopped.
All too many times I’m tempted to, when the Deciever whispers in the ear
“What good are you?”
But of course, by giving up because I feel like I’ve failed, ah, the giving up is when I indeed do, and not before.

This blog is just more sharing.
My posts are very imperfect, and I’m a very imperfect person, but I don’t write because I think I have something to give, but I keep practicing, and loving, and sharing, because I KNOW that GOD DOES.
The thought of HIM ever using me is amazing – but God is amazing, and He uses broken vessels and pieces.


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